Sister at Heart Necklace

Wild Light

"I see you as my sister even though we're not related by blood" a friend said to me once. We might not be sisters in blood, but we are at heart. Any gal with close friends know of the joy to have a sister to share your happy times as well as struggles with, bound together on this winding road, creating beautiful memories to cherish together. Who's your sister at heart?

This necklace is made of a handpicked quartz or amethyst crystal point gathering and reflecting the light, with a feather charm and a milky white carved bone bead. All metal parts used are sterling silver.

This is threaded on vegan suede cord with an adjustable length.

This necklace is the perfect matching friendship necklace!

Current estimated production time: 3-4 weeks. 

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Type: Necklace

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