The Woman behind the Brand


Made for dreamers, visionaries, soul-searchers and free spirits. I want to capture that powerful, humbling and awe-inspiring feeling you get when looking up into the night sky. I strive for my jewelry to be a manifestation of that magic in the physical world. To me, a jewel is not just an object, it is a strong symbol of magic, a token of love, a talisman, a bond of trust, a psychological shield, or somebody’s spirit carried with you.
I was always a creative soul seeing the magic in many things, and my passion for gemstones was ignited as a child when I found raw gems in streams by the Swedish mountains.
My pieces of jewelry often have the air of history about them, as if they were an heirloom from a forlorn time, a fragment of a memory, something dug up from a lost burial ground or a ship wrecked at sea. I want my pieces to be treasured and passed down through generations, so it is vital to me that they are of the highest quality. This is why I chose to study gold-smithing for 4 years, learning the craft thoroughly to ensure that my pieces can hold up to my high standard. All Wild Light pieces are handcrafted by me in Sweden, principally using recycled precious metals such as sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, and 950 platinum.
The gemstones I use are sourced from all over the world; oftentimes, when you order a piece from me, you can chose a specific stone that you love. I always cherish the opportunity to make pieces that fit my customer’s personality and desires.
My deepest love is and always has been telling stories through art. I love to paint, sew, write songs, and am educated in cinema and screenwriting, as well as in music. But as I studied these various mediums I wasn't sure I had found the medium I felt I could truly express myself in — then I started making jewelry. Still, cinema, music, art, folklore, myths and nature are never far from my mind, influencing how I see the world, the stories I tell, and how I express myself in my jewelry.
Another huge inspiration has been the multitude of cultures that exist in the world. I was born in China but raised in Sweden, and I have travelled through Asia, South America and Europe. These experiences helped open my eyes to different traditions in storytelling and aesthetics. I love getting to know a culture on a deeper level: learning the language, the customs, and the art. My past journeys — and my future ones — will always inspire me.
In addition to my collections, I make custom bespoke pieces. If you're not in the same part of the world as me, don't worry: 90% of my customers are international, and many of my most satisfied customers have yet to meet me in person! I make myself extremely available to help you with any issues about jewelry, precious metals or gemstones. Even if you just want some advice on how to care for your grandmother's old jewelry she passed on to you, I always love to help, so please don't hesitate to contact me.
I can’t wait to hear from you!
- Min Wyldra, founder of Wild Light

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