Wildflower Vial Necklace

Wild Light

Here's the Wildflower Vial Necklace: a sheer beauty, a vessel for your dreams. Fill the glass droplet with water, pick some wildflowers by the road and you're all set!

The water stays inside with or without flowers because of the surface tension, so it won't be spilling onto your clothes. The same principle goes when the vase is filled with flowers, they will stay in there (if you put a few flowers together so that the stems sit quite tight in the opening) and you don't have to worry about them falling out.

This is the perfect summer accessory but is really versatile to accompany you all throughout the year. In fall you can fill it with red leaves or ripe berries from your garden, in winter some branches of ivy, and in spring the first little shy flowers you find. And if you have green fingers, you can wear your garden with you, day by day!

You can choose the flower that fits your mood or outfit of the day, or wear it with only water dyed with drop of watercolor, or wear it simply as it is; this necklace is an ever changing treasure!

Handmade in sterling silver and glass. Remember I make every piece to order especially for you. Current estimated production time: 4-5 weeks.

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Type: Necklace

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